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6. Who can I find?

You can view or remove locatees in 3 ways:
a) USSD main menu
b) Online
c) WAP
  a) USSD main menu

Dial *120*888# and select "5. Who can I find?"

You will be presented with the following menu:


Who can I find?
2. Name
0. Remove Locatee
#. Main Menu


Your screen will list all the mobile numbers that you may currently locate.
You may remove a locatee by selecting "0. Remove locatee".

    NOTE: You are limited to 10 locatees.
  b) Online
    Go to www.Vodacom Look 4
    Login using your mobile number and Internet PIN.
    Select the "Locate" tab.
    You will be presented with a list of all mobile numbers that you may locate in the "Who can I find?" table. Check the "Remove" box for the locatee you want to remove.
    Click on "Update My Locatees" when finished.
  c) WAP
    Go to
    You will be logged in automatically so please make sure you are using the correct number.
    The list of locatees is on the main menu and is displayed as follows: "Mobile/Nickname [#]" where # in [ ] is a number used to locate. Click the Mobile/Nickname to see the menu avaliable for that specific locatee.
    Click the "Remove Mobile/Nickname" link to remove the locatee from your list of who you can locate.
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