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TIPS - To optimise your Vodacom Look 4 me™ experience:
  • Save the following numbers to your contacts list:  

    *120*888# - Vodacom Look 4 me™ USSD menu.

    *120*888*082XXXXXXX - Find shortcut. Save a shortcut for each of your locatees, using the prefix *120*888* and his/her number in your contact list as FIND together with his/her name, ie FIND Dave.

  • Before requesting location rights, call the person you wish to locate and notify him / her of the imminent consent request message.
  • You are automatically added as your first locatable person so that, should you get lost, you will be able to find yourself. NOTE: You are not counted as one of the ten people that you can locate.
  • Block your child's phone via USSD (*120*888#) once you have added your mobile number as a locator. This will help ensure that only you may locate your child.
  • Regularly visit "Who can find me?" either online or with the USSD menu (*120*888#) on your mobile phone to ensure that you are aware of all the mobile users that have permission to locate you.
SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS - Vodacom Look 4 me™ can be used in the following useful ways:
  • Add your spouse as a locatable mobile user so that you can have peace-of-mind that he/she is safely at work or enroute home.  

  • Add your children as locatable mobile users so that you may rest assured they are safely at school or at home.
The above suggestions are by no means an exhaustive list of uses for Vodacom Look 4 me™. The number of potential uses for Vodacom Look 4 me™ are limited only by your imagination, so go ahead and try it out!
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