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You are able to use Vodacom Look 4 me™ on the Internet or on your mobile phone. Although SMS is widely used, USSD and WAP is still relatively new cellular technology.
Please view the following examples to assist you in understanding:
a) USSD Functionality
b) WAP Functionality
  a) USSD Functionality
  When you dial *120*888# from your Vodacom mobile phone you will be presented with the following screen:

Vodacom Look 4 me
1. Register
2. Find mobile user
3. Name mobile user
4. Who can find me?
5. Who can I find?
6. Reports
7. Block
8. Personal settings

  This is known as a USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Services Data) menu.
  Whilst you are viewing the screen, you are charged 20c per 20 seconds.
  To select an option within the menu simply select "Answer", enter the number of the item you wish to request, and select "Send".
  For example, should you wish to select "2. Find mobile user" you would select "Answer", type "2", and select "Send". You will then be presented with the requested info.
  b) WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Functionality
  IMPORTANT: To use WAP on your mobile phone, please make sure that:
  • your phone is WAP-compatible,
  • your phone is GPRS- or 3G-enabled (if so, this function needs to be activated),
  To access the website from your mobile phone:
  1. Select the Internet/Web menu on your mobile phone.
  2. Go to You will be presented with a menu:
Nickname - (1)
Add Number To Locate
Who Can Find Me?
Location Reports
Unblock Locators
About Look4Me
Contact Us

  WAP Costs: Please go to online:
  Select "Packages", then "GPRS Packages".
All tariffs are explained in detail on this page.


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