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Vodacom Look 4 me For Business

Mr. Silvermann works for a security company where employees are tracked without interrupting their daily activities.
This benefits the company and its employees in many ways:

  • The employees
    The Employees feel much safer knowing that, in emergencies, their mobile phones can be used as panic buttons; and
  • The employer
    There have been occasions where employees reported that they where at their specific sites, only for Mr. Silvermann to track them and discover that this was not the case. One employee was actually found, passed-out, in a shebeen. Another (a security guard) had sold his mobile phone to a friend (forgetting that it could be tracked by Vodacom Look 4 me) and the told Mr. Silvermann that it had been stolen.
    Mr. Silvermann tracked the phone. Together with the tracking information, a confession from one of the guard's acquaintances was enough evidence for the man to be arrested for his fraudulent crime.
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